Free Animated 5 min Live Stream Starting Soon Screen (Sleaky Ninja)

Sleaky Ninja 5 min strating soon screen free download

So there you go, another Fully Animated 5 min Live Stream Starting Soon Screen for Free. Meet Sleaky Ninja. A clean animated design and animation series with an aggressive vibe for your live stream.

But this time I have made the animation 1 step further.

You will see a smooth moving animation onto the trees. whatever color you want, within your stream software in 3 simple easy steps & less than 5 seconds.

What’s included

  • 5 min stream starting soon screen
  • .mp4 file
  • Read me files
  • License

More info

It’s time to Download your Freebie

Loved this Freebie! You can “Buy me a coffee” ($5).
Thank you so much, for contributing to the project.

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