Free – Animated Looped Discord Server Icon (After Effects template)

Discord Server Icon animation template
Looped Animated Discord Server icon After Effects template

Get your custom looped animated Discord server icon animation in the easiest way possible. Make your server pop from the server list with a clean and fast, fully animated discord server profile animation.

It’s an After Effects template with Loop animation. You can change all the colors, text, and logos in the discord server icon. Please check the ‘How to edit’ section below.

Watch the tutorial video to learn how to make it, or follow along to download the free after-effects template.

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What’s included in this stream alerts pack?

  • Looped Animated Discord Server Icon After Effects template
  • Stock background from Pexels
  • Placeholder Logo from icons8
  • Example Rendered GIF (For DEMO purpose only)

How to Edit the Discord server icon After Effects template

Please follow the steps below, to get your desired discord icon animation with your logo and text.

Step 1: First of all, extract the ZIP file and open the .aep file.

Open the .aep file
Image of Step 1

Step 2: Click the Logo Placeholder Composition. You will add your logo in this composition

Open Logo Placeholder
Image of Step 2

Step 3: Double click in the black space in your project area. Then Select Import and then File. Select your logo file. It will import the logo in your project.

Import your logo
Image of Step 3

Step 4: Once you have imported the Logo into your project, drag the Logo file into the Logo Placeholder composition.

If you want to adjust the scaling or size of the logo, you can press ‘S’ on your keyboard. It will enable the Scale properties. From there you can adjust the scale value.

Make sure you have first selected the Logo layer from the Logo Placeholder. Then enable the scale properties.

Import the logo in the timeline
Image of Step 4

Also, hide the previous logo layer or delete it completely. To delete the previous logo layer, you can select the logo layer and press Delete on your keyboard.

To hide the layer, you can simply press the eye icon. It will hide the layer to be shown, but you can again get the layer back by pressing the eye icon.

Hide the previous logo
Hide the Previous logo layer

Step 5: To change the text, you need to go to the Text Placeholder Composition. From there you can change the font color, size, fonts and other settings. To get those settings you need to enable the Characters Panel (1)

Edit the Text placeholder
Image of Step 5

To change the current text, you need to double-click the text layers from the Composition panel. Then write down your custom text.

Double click the text layers in the composition panel
Double click the text layers from the Composition panel only

Step 6: To change the shape colors, go to the “Main Comp” and Select the layers (1) and then click the color picker icon (2).

It will bring the color picker box. From there, paste your color HEX code or select your desired color. Once done, press OK (4).

I have renamed the Shape layers (1) properly, so it becomes easier for you to select the correct circle layer.

Change the Shape Colors
Image of Step 6

Step 7: That’s it. Now Export the template in .mp4 format either in After Effects inbuilt rendered or Media Encoder (Recommended). If you want additional help regarding this, join our DISCORD Server. I will be there with others to answer all your questions.

Compatible With:

  • Discord
  • After Effects (Latest Version as well as the OLD version)

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