Free-Full Clean Animated Stream Pack (Salient)

Salient Stream Package Free Download

Want a Full Clean Animated Stream Pack for free in 2020 to take your stream design to the next level? I got you. Meet Salient Stream Pack.

It’s fully animated and it’s 100% Free. The design is focused on cleanliness and minimal but for accent, I have added gaming, and an aggressive vibe.

Salient Ed. Full Animated Stream Pack for OBS Studio and Streamlabs OBS. You can use this on any Streaming platform.

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What’s Included

  • 5 Screens
  • 16 Panels, including a blank one
  • Source File (Twitch Panel)
  • Facecam Overlay (Narrow, Wide)
  • Readme Files
  • License

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  1. Hey how to change the colour in the package?
    And which ap to use…can you just help me please??

  2. Yoo man what’s up! 😎
    Your All the works are just Awesome! You probably know me😂(Intact). I’m leaving this comment to just check that you’re active on your website or not🤪Jokes apart, Loved your all the works and project, keep making these kind of awesome stream packs/videos and we’ll support you till the end🖤🥀

    • Yo! my buddy intact, Glad to see you here. Yep, I am also active on my website as well. Even though I have replied to 100% of the comments so far. Thanks so much for the huge support and love. BTW did you liked the new website layout. I made this easier and straightforward than the previous one.

    • Hi!
      Depends on your Twitch Follower and Subscribers. You can click here to read a post related to your question. And if you have downloaded the alert pack, then the button you have clicked (named’Free download) that was the Big blue button 😉

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