Horizon Edition – Free Apex Legends Health Bar Overlay

Horizon Edition - Free Apex Legends Health Bar Overlay - Cover Image
Horizon Edition – Free Apex Legends Health Bar Overlay – Cover Image

The HORIZON Edition – Free Animated Apex Legend Health Bar Overlay is a free, animated health bar overlay for the popular online game Apex Legends. This animated apex overlay provides an animated look on top of your health status bar in the game.

This was made for the players who use the “Horizon Character” more frequently in the game. You can also check out this overlay for other characters in the freebie store.

How to add text to the apex health bar overlay?

You can add a text layer with your name on top of the health bar overlay. You can place it in the blank/empty space (Check “Your name” text in the video preview).

Alternatively, you can design and stylize the text using Canva (Free/Pro) and save that text as PNG.

Then simply import the text design into your streaming software (e.g. Streamlabs, OBS, or Xsplit).

Important Notes:

  1. Please check the license page → here, to avoid any potential copyright problems.
  2. Got any issues, need help with setup or found link errors? Please leave us a comment below. We will fix it within 21 hours.
  3. If you are an individual streamer, YouTuber or influencer you can use it for free with no issue
  4. You can not sell the templates to marketplaces (including Fiverr) or any commercial usage. It’s strictly prohibited.

It’s time to Download your Freebie

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Thank you so much, for contributing to the project.

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