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License for using assets from – 11hrs Creator

You can use’s design, animation, and Project files anywhere you want. Literally, there is no barrier.
For example:- Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.
In simple words, on every platform, you have your personal account.

Please do note. It’s only valid for your very own Personal use. Use anywhere you create content for yourselves only.
You can’t use them for any Commercial Usage.

How to Avoid Copyright Claims?

For now, you can simply copy and paste the below text (Marked In Green Color) *Including the emojis

🚀 Graphics and Animations are Downloaded from:
Grab your Free assets completely Free on 11hrs Creator.

Where You can’t use the Designs/Animations

You can’t re-sell or trade any of my designs or animation in exchange for Money, Crypto Currencies.
You can’t use them in your Freelance Projects like and commercial usage (for the team, group, or agency).

NOTE: will change the license from time to time to make it easy to understand and follow.